The Story

How did Brilliant Recruitment Solutions start?

We would say it was as random, quick, and unexpected as Your First Love.

However, behind every company is a story about passionate people. We all have worked in the recruitment sector for decades and have seen how the world and the job market have changed. We believe that if you want different results than what you’re getting, you have to try different approaches.

This is why we decided to combine our brilliant recruitment experience with digital marketing knowledge to empower businesses with talent acquisition and talent marketing strategies.

So, to answer your question, yes, we do recruitment, but we do it differently. We do it with passion, positivity, unity, respect, and integrity to continue growth and development.

In addition to being diverse and inclusive, we believe that all candidates are brilliant, and we are ready to support you in achieving your dream job. We focus on the good in people, and one of our goals is to give you a chance and support you in getting a brilliant job. Because sometimes, this is a chance to start over and live a better life for yourself.

Whether you are a brilliant candidate or an employer, together we can be a brilliant team.

And we know that “Brilliance in Talent Empowering Business.”

Our Mission

Our goal is to build a global team of brilliant people and transform the way the world thinks about recruitment while giving people an opportunity to build a brilliant career.


We are committed to our continuous growth and development, and we will support our clients to do the same, and our brilliant candidates to achieve their dream jobs.


In addition to recognizing and valuing individuality, we are committed to promoting a culture of compassion and gratitude. We are confident that you are brilliant, and we strive to be inclusive and diverse.


Our success is a result of our collaboration and support for one another. We believe that together, we can change the world.


In everything we do, we endeavor to maintain a positive attitude. It’s the only way to manifest a brilliant life today and tomorrow.


Recruitment is at the heart of everything we do, and we are passionate about giving you a chance, providing you with tips on how to prepare for the interview, and helping you get a new job. Sometimes, it is also a chance to start a new and better life.


We believe in honesty and ethics and building trust through our actions. We don’t support irrelevant ideas, and we always tell you the truth.

GRUPPI – |noun| Italian word – plural of gruppo = groups, teams

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