Join Our Referral Program and Turn Connections into Cash!

We’re excited to announce our new referral program! If you know a company that could benefit from our recruitment services, you can help them and earn a reward for yourself too.

Our expertise spans the most in-demand sectors, including technology, manufacturing, multilingual roles, marketing, and administration. We operate in countries worldwide from the UK to New Zealand, Europe, and beyond.

Here's how it works:

  • Refer a Company: Share the name and contact details of a company that could benefit from our services. We highly encourage you to introduce us to the company personally. This could be through an email introduction or a phone call, ensuring they're comfortable with us reaching out.
  • We Reach Out: Once we receive your referral, we'll get in touch with the referred company to discuss how our services can support their recruitment needs. As an additional incentive, we're offering a 5% discount on our services for all referred companies.
  • Earn Your Reward: If the company decides to work with us, you'll receive a reward of 500GBP after the company has paid for our services. The reward applies to every new company you refer! So, if you refer three companies and all of them choose to work with us, that's a reward of 1500GBP for you.

What about the referred company?

Referred companies get a 5% discount on their first service with us as a thank you for trying our services.

Can you refer more than once?

Absolutely! You can refer as many companies as you like. In fact, if you successfully refer three companies, we’ll increase your reward to 600GBP for every successful referral afterward.

When will you get your reward?

You’ll receive your reward after the referred company has paid for our services in full. This is to ensure the quality and completion of our service provision.

Get Started Today!

If you know a company that could benefit from Brilliant Recruitment Solutions, refer them today. It’s an easy way to help another company while earning a reward for yourself.

Referral Program